Our Tribute to Mario R.I.P.

This week, one of our long time customer and good friend has passed away, his name was Mario.

He had been a customer of ours since 1986 and also a customer of Robert’s during the 70s. As long ago as I can remember, every morning, he would sit with a group of local men at the counter. These men would drink coffee, eat breakfast, talk about the latest gossip in town and smoke cigarettes (this is before smoking was banned in restaurants).

He was the last one from this group, up until the day he died; he came in, sat at his favorite spot, had a cup of coffee and of course gave the girls a hard time in his forever joking manner. He was always joking around with the regular customers and the employees. Of course, he always had stories to tell about his time in the military and the many memorable moments he had in his adventurous life.

We will miss him immensely, as I know so will our employees and regular customers; he was a good man, honorable and fair. Most importantly, he had a passion for life and ornery as ever with a smile on his face and forever laughing. May you rest in peace Mario. 

Published Date:  9 August 2012 1:30 pm