A Story about Wing's Garden Cafe :)

Wing's Garden Cafe. 

I grew up near San Francisco, so I spent a lot of time eating at the best places in Chinatown and I am quite familiar with Cantonese and Mandarin food.

As a young adult I  traveled the world as a touring musician and when it came to Chinese food, I always took the time to find the "real thing" as often as I could.

In the mid 70's I moved to Palm Springs and found a few (2) Chinese restaurants that felt like home to me. Over the decades those restaurants are gone and nothing took their place.

I used to be a regular customer at Robert's in Banning, CA and when Wing took over the location, I knew I would always have a place to go for great traditional Chinese food.

I travel in and out of the desert now on a regular basis for my business and I always stop at Wing's, lunch or dinner. Actually, if I were to let go of my steering wheel, my car would go right to Wing's on it's own! lol. In fact, I make the drive from PS to Wing's all the time just to have dinner and I love to take folks, who have never been there before, with me. Now they are regular customers too.

In the late 70's and early 80's I was in the restaurant business in Palm Spring opening Las Casuelas Terraza and The Charthouse as well as being part of one of Palm Springs most famous eateries "Sunshine, Meat, Fish And Liquor". I know the business very well and when I say that Wing's is the real deal, I mean the family and the staff are dedicated to the business and it shows.

Consistency along with great traditional food is the sign of a great restaurant, no matter where is might be located. I pride myself at only eating at family owned restaurants, because that's where the best food is. Wing knows everybody by name and is always there to greet you. That IS the "real deal" and it looks like Lily is going to follow the same path.

*** Also, I dare you to find better Egg Foo Young anywhere else!!!! 


Published Date:  1 November 2012 12:15 pm