Hot Sake and Spumoni Ice Cream :)

Earlier this week, I had seen one of our regular customers having Hot Sake and Spumoni Ice Cream for his dessert. After he got both of these items, he would pour some of his Hot Sake over his Spumoni Ice Cream and proceed to eat it.

Out of curiosity, I decided to make my own and try it. An to the result of, I've decided I like it. The Sake on its own has its own distinct Sake flavor. Mixed with the Spumoni it adds to the Spumoni Ice Cream. It gives it a little extra kick at the end. Sort of like a Cherry Jubillee that's made with Brandy and set on fire.

For those of you who've never had Sake, it's a Japanese alcohol fermented from rice. Combined with the Spumoni Ice Cream which is an Italian Ice Cream combined of chocolate, cherry and pistatio Ice Cream flavors; mixed with nuts and fruit candy pieces.

For all you Sake and Ice Cream lovers. The next time you're in for a meal, try this for dessert.

Published Date:  9 January 2013 6:51 pm