How Rainbows are Made

by Papa Donn and Jean

" Let me start by saying that some 20+ years ago my mother introduced us to Wing's Restaurant, her favorite place to dine; and now ours. I know that my mom is looking down on us now and nodding her head and agreeing with everything I have to say in this testimonial for Wing's Garden Cafe. And to make it even more special, I always feel her presence when we dine here.

     We've never been disappointed in the food, it's always been excellent. The menu gives you excellent choices between Chinese and American food; and you can tell the menu has been made with integrity, it means what is says.

     The waiting time is minimal.

     The service is always with a smile, they make you feel like you're dining at home.

     You can tell the servers were chosen carefully, they reflect the warmth of the restaurant. And beyond that, its a life experience. 

We often talk about our family's, we've watched each other grow. You can tell why Wing's is so successful when you see how Lily has been raised by her parents with such loving care. She's very special---and this loving care reflects into the fabric of the restaurant. Mom and Pop should be very proud of the way their family and restaurant have turned out. I have often said that this world needs more Rainbows. The Wing's family and Restaurant are ONE of those Rainbows that this world needs. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

     One of my favorite poet's once said, "That Life is a Journey and the Journey is More Important then the Destination---And that We Only Have One Chance to get it Right." The Wing Family and Restaurant---Are Definitely getting it Right.

                                                        Again Thank You,

                                                              Jean and Donn

P.S. The true test is the way you feel at the end of your dining experience. And that feeling has been the way it should be when you dine with your family, a really warm feeling. 

      And of couse Buddha at the front door always says hello and good-bye which gives you a good feeling. "

Published Date:  21 July 2012 3:56 pm