Midori's Rose

I love you

I love you not.

Little rose bud that is so small, are you going to bloom?

In life, most of us never take the time to stop and smell the roses. 

Midori's Rose pictured above made me stop and smell it. 

This rose, when Midori brought it in from her garden, was a small rose bud.

But over the course of a few days as it has been here, this rose has blossomed into the most captivating, breath taking, gorgeous, delicate smelling rose. 

It has blossomed right before our very eyes.

In life, there are goals that we set for ourselves. These goals might be very big and daunting. But if we take a step to work towards them every day. Like the tiny little rose bud, each step over the course of time can turn into a fully blossomed rose and our goals will become accomplished and fulfilled.

Have a great day and don't forget to smell the roses of life before it passes you by.

Published Date:  17 November 2012 3:55 pm