The Holiday Spirit of Gratitude, Love, Joy and Kindness

December 1st, the holidays are finally here.

This is the time of year where families and loved ones gather to spend time together. It's time to begin decorating the tree and get into the holiday spirit. The holidays also bring a time of reflecting of what has gone on in the past year. The ups and the downs, the good and bad, and most importantly the love, joy and friendships that have happened.

I begin to look around and one word strikes me today; gratitude. I am grateful for the love of good friends and family in my life. I am grateful for having hot food on my table, a warm bed to sleep in at night, a roof over my head, a hot shower when I get home from work and most of all for living in a country were we have the opportunity for education and improvement in our lives.

As you all go on during this holiday season. Think about those who are less fortunate than you are. Those that live in third world countries and they do not have clean running water in their homes. Stop and take a moment to reflect for what you are grateful for in your life, because there is always someone else out there in the world who is in a more dire, desperate situation than you are.

When I was driving in my car last week, I heard a story about a Lady and her Christmas wish on the radio. Her husband has been battling with cancer and she lost her job 3 years ago. Because of their finances she had to pawn her wedding ring and all they are living off of is $200 a week. Her only wish for Christmas, is an Ipad for her husband so he could watch his movies in the hospital when he has chemotherapy.

Published Date:  1 December 2012 11:15 am