Great Food

Our specialties are authentic traditional Chinese recipes that were brought here from the Canton province of Southern China during the 1940's. Dishes such as Chow Mein and Chop Suey stir-fried with bean sprouts, onions, celery, bok-choy, mushrooms, water chestnuts and your meat of choice (chicken, pork, beef or shrimp) which are then served on a bed of dry crispy noodles or your choice of steamed or fried rice.

Egg Foo Young with your choice of meat (plain vegetable, chicken, beef, pork, ham, shrimp, B.B.Q. Pork or mushrooms) that is served with our home made brown gravy that is made daily. Pepper Beef: sliced tender beef sauteed with onions, bell peppers in a light garlic black bean sauce.

Our famous American specialty is our homemade chicken fried steak, which is made from scratch. Old fashioned Burgers, comfort American food such as open faced hot beef sandwiches served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

For our desserts we have two specialty ice creams that our customers love: Italian Spumoni and Coconut Pineapple. 

We serve banana splits and chocolate sundaes too.

BBQ Pork

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